Xbox One Controller Battery Pack

Xbox controller rechargeable batteries

I got so fed up of juggling more and more batteries and having them constantly on charge, getting charged and discharged batteries mixed and combine that with the age of the rechargeable batteries we had, something had to change.

With both boys having an Xbox the amount of recharging required was silly, the charger was always on and invariably got forgotten and left on which isn’t good.

I found the Beboncool Xbox controller rechargeable packs kit on Amazon and with it being on USB power would plug into the Xbox and only be powered whilst the Xbox is.

We have had this setup for five months now and the battery packs are getting a lot of hammer during the COVID isolation period.

Plugged into xbox

The charger is well made and solid to the touch, it has a standard fitted USB A lead and two sockets, one is for USB micro and the other is for type C allowing the unit to be powered from any phone charger.

On the top of the device are two charging sockets and red / green indicators for the charged state. The batteries are again well made and protected by a solid plastic shell, not a heat-shrunk sleeve that some of the cheaper units seem to have. They fit the controllers perfectly just as if installing normal batteries and because of this you use the normal Xbox controller cover with them.

The packs perform really well and survive a lot better under use than our old rechargeable batteries so charging isn’t required as much. The charger sits nicely next to the Xbox and pugs into the Xbox Ones side USB port, only being powered and charging while the boys are playing. There’s ample time for the next battery to charge whiles the others in use.

The three batteries in the pack is enough to keep the Boys two controllers running.
These have reduced the amount of time I’m having to mess around with batteries and we are tempted to buy another kit so both Xboxes have their own packs.

The only downsides I have are, they are expensive and I can find nowhere to by batteries on their own.

However, they seem to resolve the issues we had, they are reducing the need for charging due to their longevity and stopping chargers being left on for long periods of time unattended. So overall a win.

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Update Jan 2022

This charger has been so good we now have two, one for reach of the boys.

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