Wet Shaving


I always used to use an electric shaver as this is what I got bought as a teenager.

But i could never get a perfectly smooth finish with them. I also found them fiddly to cover all the areas of my face and a total pain to clean. After trying a few different electric razors I decided to try wet shaving.

When starting out, as with the majority I suspect, started with disposable razors and got sucked into the sales hype of more blades and gels that profess to be the perfect man tool. Where really the price paid and the fact they regularly changed the head styles so you have to buy a new system every so often really made you the perfect tool!

Did you know – The fad for multiple blades isn’t a modern invention some of the original safety razors sported multiple blades.

My first safety razor, was a cheap plastic one and I soon realised just how much money I had been spending on disposable heads. Where as now I just needed to buy a pack of blades every so often (ebay). This worked very well for me and when I got married my wife bought me my first up market metal safety razor for Christmas.

The quality and accuracy the razor provided improved the shaving experience for me and I have never looked back.

The razor I use is a Murkur safety razor with an adjustable head. Its robust and has a nice weight in the hand. This weight does help as you maneuver it around your face. There are plenty of other makes on the market, but I have not tried them.


Safety Razor Blade

I replace my blades probably once every 1 – 2 months. My hair isn’t particularly tough and I suspect different people will need to change there blades more often, just replace them when you start to feel the razor isn’t flowing smoothly over your face or is starting to snag.

Top Tip – If you start cutting your face, try replacing the blade first and cleaning your shaver.

I do favor the Murkur blades and I have tried a number of different makes, I advise trying a few but I did find that the really cheap blades are cheap for a reason!


I rinse clean after every use but properly clean my shaver about every 1.5 to 2 months, generally when I replace the blade. To do this I simply remove the old blade and and place the shaver into a cup of hot water with a few drops of Detol and leave it for an hour or two. Rinse off ad then using a nail brush I then gently scrub the shaver to remove the more stubborn muck and get into the smaller areas within the head.

Top tip – If your mirror constantly fogs up while shaving take a small amount of shaving foam and wipe it all over the mirror – it wont fog up again.


When going away I have a safety shield that slides over the shaver – mines a 3D printed one but you can buy them, just ensure they fit your make of shaver. These protect the blade and head when packed away and more importantly prevent you cutting yourself when you put your hand into the toiletries bag.

However I do like the look of the Murkur leather case, one for next years Christmas list.


I cant quantify the impact but the amount of material I now throw away due to shaving is radically different to when I started. No longer do I have non-recyclable cans of foam and plastic razors being thrown into landfill. I have a few paper wrappers from the soap bars and a small pile of steel razors.

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