Turtle Beach Wireless Headset

Stealth 600 Headset Xbox one

We purchased a set of Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Wireless Headsets as the replacement rate for headsets and repairs to the Xbox controller headphone jacks were mounting up. Buying wireless headphones removed the elements that were being broken on a regular basis.

These are not cheap but have already on Williams set started to see them pay for themselves – I’ve really done it now haven’t I? somethings going to break this week.


Pairing to the Xbox is really simple, just as you would a controller. You power the headset and press its pairing button for three seconds so the LED starts to rapidly blink, you then press the pairing button on the Xbox and that’s it all done.

Build Quality

In the hand the headsets seem well built and robust. The headband surprisingly isn’t adjustable but flexes to adapt to the width of your head. At the top is a thick sponge fabric pad that then takes up the space between your head and the solid band going over. This seems to fit all of us well but if you have a large head I must admit I don’t know how they would feel.


The ear pieces swivel freely to adapt to the side of your head and the ear pads are a soft fabric that don’t leave a mark like some of the headphones we have had did. William also doesn’t seem to suffer with sore ears as he used to which meas they must be allowing air to flow more freely to reduce sweat buildup.

They also have a volume control thumb wheel on the back of the headphones.

Microphone Boom

The microphones mounted on a reasonably rigid boom that has a really nice feature in that when its swung up out of the way, it mutes the mic. It also has its own independent volume control wheel which removes the need for messing in settings on the Xbox.


Supplied with the headset is a USB charging lead that connects into a port on the bottom of the headphones just near the microphone boom and indicator LED. This lead can be plugged into the Xbox USB port for charging but we plug them into an old apple charging plug. Charging indicated with the LED being red and turning green when complete.


I’m glad we spent the money on these headsets, this has reduced the amount of wear and tear that I’m having to deal with and the reduction in leads around them while playing has been a benefit to the kids.

These headsets come in a number of variants, each specific to a type of gaming machine, just make sure you order the correct variant for your games machine.

We bought the stealth 600s but there are even more premium units, with better sound quality, comfort padding and extra features.

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