Snow / Foam Machines

snow / foam machine

These handheld snow / foam machines blow out a continuous stream of foam flakes which if there is a little breeze can float allover the the place and fall down as a fine covering of foam that looks a lot like sow from a distance. This is absolute heaven for children to play in, especially on warm summer days.

How do they work

They can be very noisy devices as essentially they are a big fan and a fabric sock. The foam mixture is essentially a soap / bubble fluid being injected onto the fabric sock that foams up as the airs forced through it.

The enjoyment the kids get out of playing in the foam and piling it together into large clumps always out ways the noise any day.

Creating a white winter wonderland even if the weather forecast isn’t for snow. The kids love gathering it all together and covering themselves in it. At least they will be clean at the end it is after all only bubble bath.

Filling these machines up can get expensive so have a look at our Homemade Snow / Foam Machine Fluid recipe.

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