Homemade Snow / Foam Fluid

Foam Snow

If you have a snow / foam machine you will very quickly find out how expensive running these machines are especially if your using shop bought fluids. The boys absolutely love my smoke machine, it’s one of the few things that will get them off Fortnite!! We set it up on the drive and in no time kids from the street appear from nowhere to play too.

The following recipe is our foam mixture and it costs a fraction of the bought fluids.

  • RO water (Reverse osmosis) water
  • Bubble bath
  • IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol)

My favorite bubble bath to use in this recipe is Mr Matey.

Pour ingredients into a bottle and gently shake, ensuring all the bubble bath has dissolved before use.

This mix does provide a good coverage of foam that the kids love but compared to bought liquids I find it does dissipate quicker. For kids playing its fine but trying to set a cover of foam for any period of time you may want to buy some professional mix.

Top tip – On you mark of the fill levels on the mixing bottle with a sharpie you don’t have to remember the recipe next time.

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