Smoky Bubbles

Smokey bubble on gravel

Whats better than bubbles for the kids? Smoky bubbles!

These really do entertain the kids and reignite perhaps a dwindling interest in the bubble machine.

There are a number of advantages to smoke bubbles …

  • They stand out a lot more and thus there seems to be more bubbles.
  • They give off a puff of smoke when popped.
  • They float up higher than usual as the smoke is warmer.
  • Look at the neighbors faces as they wonder whats floating past their windows.

The setup.. (this is really easy)

  • Bubble machine.
  • Smoke machine.
  • Small step ladder or table.
  • Plastic tubing (section of drain pipe).
  • Extension lead.

With the bubble machine setup on a small pair of ladders position the smoke machine on the floor with section of plastic tubing feeding the output of the smoke machine into the fan on the back of the bubble machine.

Ensure there is a gap around the smoke machine nozzle as you do need air to enter and you don’t want the plastic piping getting to close to the output nozzle as they get very hot.

Turn it all on and voila smoky bubbles and happy kids!

Top tip – Most smoke machines don’t dispense smoke all the time but need to warm up in cycles before you then press the button. By using a small clamp I keep the bubbles requested all the time and whenever the machine has achieved temperature the smokes dispensed automatically.

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