Smoke Rings

Vortex smoke ring

If you have your own smoke machine this is a must do project.
Details on smoke machines in my Smoke Machines post. Create your own air vortex gun and fire smoke rings at each other. Its a very quick and simple project.

  • Smoke machine and fluid
  • Large plastic bucket or bin
  • Large strong plastic bag
  • Duck tape
  • Knife

Cut a circular hole in the bottom of the bucket approximately 50% of the size of the bucket bottom.
Next tape the bag around the open (top) end of the bucket making sure its kept taught across the opening.

Create a handle by looping some tape back on its self and stick to the centre of the bag.

Fill the bucket (using your newly cut hole) with a few jets of smoke from a smoke machine, aim the cannon, pull back the bag using the handle and fire away.
To fire a smoke ring gently pull back and snap forward on the plastic bag.
Make sure you have a calm day. The rings can travel quite some distance.

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