Smoke Machine Maintenance & Cleaning

Fog / Mist machine

If you are looking to buy a smoke machine the following must be followed after every use otherwise the machines nozzle could block and I haven’t found an easy way to clean them once blocked.

Smoke machine cleaning fluid

After every use the machine must be emptied and clean RO water (Reverse osmosis) water or distilled water pumped through it until the machine runs clear. Its advisable to use RO water as there will be no impurities or minerals that could build up and clog your machine.

Deep clean

If you wish to perform a deeper clean a 50/50 mix of white vinegar and RO water can be passed through. I tend to clean with this mixture after every use if I can.

Most machine state you should never let them run dry but after cleaning I allow the remaining cleaner fluid in the pipes to run out and as soon as I hear the unit spluttering turn it all off.

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