Homemade Smoke Machine Fluid

Smoke from smoke machine

Smoke machine fluid is very expensive for what it is so I make my own.

WARNING – Follow these instructions at your own risk as all manufacturers of smoke machines will instruct you to use a set brand of smoke fluid. I have damaged a machine with my own fluid as it got dirt in it, so please take care if making your own.

I use the following recipe in my smoke / fog machines and it has always provided a more than adequate result.

  • 15% – Glycerin (Glycerol).
  • 85% – RO water. (or distilled water)
  • A few drops of Detol.
  • Bottle to store and mix the solution in.

RO water (Reverse Osmosis) is a purified water that has had all the minerals removed, by using this the minerals in normal tap water will not build up and clog your smoke machine. Distilled water can be used but is generally more expensive.

When mixing your fluid ensure everything is perfectly clean, as if dirt passes into the machine it can clog the nozzle and these aren’t always recoverable from.

Smoke fluid mixing bottle

Top tip – Mark the quantities to use on the side of your mixing bottle with a sharpie and ever have to remember the or measure out the recipe again.

If you use up all your fluid immediately the Detol wont be required but if you leave it for any period of time bacterial growth can occur in the remaining fluid, it is after all a sugar solution. Even with the Detol always check it before use, if it looks cloudy don’t use it as any impurities in the mix will clog your smoke machine – I found out the hard way.

You can slightly adjust the amount of glycerin in the mix above to adjust the smoke density but be careful of adding too much and blocking your smoke machine.

After use always make sure you clean your smoke machine – see “Smoke machine maintenance and cleaning”.

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