Shampoo Bar

Shampoo bar

This is another product we have looked into to reduce our plastic waste. As its a solid bar of shampoo theres no plastic bottles to dispose of and the bar seems to last a long time.

The bar I bought from Cosy Cottage their site has loads of info on how they Source there raw materials and produce the bars in the UK.

Now if you have seen any pictures of me on this site you will be wondering why do I need this product, yes I do trim all my hair off but there’s still a stubble that gets oily and needs a shampoo. I’m also reviewing the product against my youngest sons experiences of using the bars as he loves trying all these new things too.

Using these bars at first does seem strange after using liquid soap for our hair all our lives.
Just as with normal shampoo you wet your hair thoroughly and massage in the shampoo, you just have to rub the bar a couple of times in your hands and then into your hair. Now as I’ve explained above I don’t need a lot but even with James you only need to rub a couple of times to get enough to lather up your hair, even with his Covid lock down hair length!

There isn’t as much lather as a normal shampoo and its a denser foam that they produce but you can feel there’s plenty to get into the hair and clean it.

The first few times I used the bar my hair didn’t seem as smooth as with normal shampoo but after using it for a couple of times this seemed to improve. With James it worked just as well as any of our normal liquid shampoos.

The only downside to this product I find is storage, its far easier and more tidy to have a bottle than a damp bar of soap. This has been overcome by using a little with a wooden soap tray on our shower rack.

I would advise giving these a go and I would say I can see they aren’t going to be for everyone. I could envisage them being a pain to use if you have really long hair.

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