Reusable Produce Bags

In our small en devours to reduce our plastic waste we have bought a set of reusable produce bags for vegetables.

Net Produce Bags

I now make time to shop every week for fresh produce instead of using supermarket delivery services. This has many benefits as we normally eat from scratch every day, the food we eat is better for us and a big bonus is this has reduced our shopping bill.

That and I get to sneak the odd bottle of whiskey in – for medicinal purposes.

Now that I’m shopping for loose fruit and veg, the amount of thin plastic bags we were getting through was quite astounding. They are only used to transport produce from the shop to our fridge or garage store and then they are thrown away.

So we found these plastic net bags and I have been using them ever since, it just seems to make sense to do so rather than wasting all this plastic.

During this time there are other advantages I have found:

  • They are easier to open, no licking fingers trying to open up a bag in the shop while juggling veg.
  • You don’t have to fight them out of a box.
  • You don’t have to hunt around in the shops if the boxes run out.
  • Your not wrapping you produce in bags others have been fiddling around with.
  • The bags let the air flow around the veg so if you keep them in the bags they don’t get damp.

The only down side is you have to remember to bring them shopping with you.

Over the year or two I have been using these, there have been a number of times I’ve been at the checkout, people have commented what a good idea they are, so below are a selection.

Other types

Since using these plastic net bags I have now found that there are a load of natural alternatives.

The only down side to these I feel is with some you can’t easily see whats in them at the checkout.

However, this would probably help me at ALDI to slow them down allowing me to pack the trolley. In other supermarkets I now invariably use the scan and go services so this isn’t an issue.

When I need more or ours wear out I will get some of these.

Closing Comment

I really get annoyed with the attitude of government penalising the shopper when using plastic bags.

I don’t object to the payment for the bag to stop people using them, I object to the absurdity that we have to pay to carry our produce home that the shops still wrap in multiple layers of plastic that far exceed the plastic of the bag you are carrying them home in.

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