Repair Xbox One Controller Headphone Jack

Xbox Controller

The headphone jack sockets on the xbox one controllers get a fair bit of hammer as the kids are jumping around playing their games. Its quite a common issue where crackling and disconnection occurs on the microphone or audio connections. I can’t blame the design, its amazing they last as long as they do but to replace a controller every 10 months is too much to ask.

Xbox one controller jack

The part that needs replacing is the headphone jack socket itself. This is a small component that is readily available and requires no soldering to fit. Instead its trapped between two printed circuit boards within the controller handset, making contact via the springs on the body of the component

Looking on the internet there are many guides on how to perform this fix. The one I preferred is this you-tube video that has a lovely sequence to performing this fix.

Its a very straightforward fix with no soldering involved with all the parts and tools readily available. There are even kits to perform the fix.

I didn’t buy kit, instead I treated myself to a new precision screwdriver kit with plenty of different security bits, very useful considering the amount of repairs similar to this I have to do.

I have now needed to performed this repair three times and while it’s saved us some money its clear this isn’t going to stop happening. Combine this with a number of headphone leads that have also been damaged, we eventually invested in wireless headphones.

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