Target practice with air rifle

Air Rifles

I went initially looking for a local archery range for myself. On the day I went with the kids and as We reviewed the facilities we heard the rifle range. So we went and...



Kids love bubbles and the more the better, the only problem is how to get that cloud of perfect bubbles. Kids Bubble machine with batteries You will fine hundreds of plastic battery powered blowers...


Wet Shaving

Appreciation of a quality wet shave, how I came to prefer a wet shave over everything else and what I use in my daily routine.


Mandalorian Rifle

Creating our own life size Mandalorian Rifle. 3D printed rifle with different painting and air-brushing effects to get a perfect finish.

Finished Bird Feeder

Cooking Fat Bird Feeders

Make these homemade Bird Feeders from old cooking fat, leftovers and lemonade bottles. Lovely quick project for the kids.


ESP8266 Software Resources

Software resources and libraries I have used to learn and develop the ESP8266 web controlled lighting template.

Gromit Headphone Hook

Gromit Headphone Hook

Wall Headphone Hook inspired by Wallace & Gromit. A very simple print and quick paint job resulting in a rather effective character hook.


ESP8266 RGB Lighting Template

The ESP8266 can bring a mundane lighting project to life, my template allows you to very quickly and simply implement a WEB enabled RGB Light

Overwatch Light

Overwatch Light

3D Printed Overwatch Light – An ESP8266 controlled overwatch light with an elegent control pages with cusomisable backgrounds, logos and headings.

3D printed Fortnite Rainbowsmash axe

Fortnite – Rainbow Smash Axe

Modifying, printing & finishing a full sized Fortnite – Rainbow Smash Axe – Making the design easier to print and making a wheel set that turns.

Spinach and Paneer

Simply Cook – Spinach and Paneer

Review of Simply Cooks Spinach & Paneer recipe, detailing what you need to buy and how easy it is too cook. Claim your free first Simply Cook box.

Tripod with phone and macro lens

3D Printed – Tripod Stand

Making a 3D printed tripod stand for phones or cameras. Simple but effective design that folds flat for storage. Perfect for macro lens photography.