Plants Vs Zombies Battle for Neighborville

Game Review Posted by WILL

Plants Vs Zombies Battle for Neighborville

This game has evolved over several releases and updates to what it is today from the original Garden Warfare and Garden Warfare 2.

Plants Vs Zombies Battle for Neighborville aka PvZ BFN takes on a new structure that’s more like Overwatch.


PvZ BFN is a 3rd person shooter game where you pick between two sides the Plants and the Zombies with 21 different characters to choose from.

When you start the game, you have 20 characters to choose from, the 21st character for the zombies has to be unlocked. You start in Giddy Park which is an online map for you to start playing around and get used to the controls.

The game can also be changed to be played offline where they are no external players, there are AI plants and zombies for you to fight with.

In this updated version of PVZ the game makers have added 6 new characters Night Cap, Acorn, Snap Dragon, 80’s Action Hero, Electric Slide And Space Cadet into the roster not forgetting the newest (and my favorite zombie) Wizard.

The new feature they’ve added classes which are Attack, Defense and Support, just like Overwatch (See my review of Overwatch).

Not forgetting about the monthly free prize map that you can do challenges in or earn experience to progress through the games reward system and get a lot of rewards for completing the plan.

 At the end you will also get a special reward for completion (at the time of writing it’s a legendary upgrade for rose the “other version” of the variables form the previous games).

There are also multiple online modes for you to play:

Battle Arena

A mode where you have a 4v4 (Plants vs Zombies) battle to the death on one single map. Each time a team defeats the other team, the winning team earn a point. First to 4 points are the overall winners, but there’s a twist, each round you can’t play the character you were in the last round. This also includes a new ranking system based on your wins and losses in this mode.

Turf Takeover

Still being Plants Vs Zombies, you play on multiple maps with one team being the attacking team and the other defending. These roles and teams change randomly at the end of each game and depending on the map and team dictates if you’re a defender or attacker.

The attacking team is meant to progress through the map taking over the land that the defending team claimed.

To take over an area you must enter into a holographic ring, staying for a timed period. The more team members in the ring the less time is required to claim the area.

The defending team is supposed to protect the land from the attacking team and stop them spoiling their plans.

Team Vanquish

A mode where Plants and Zombies Fight to win, still having respawn on, each team must get to 50 kills the first being the winner.

Garden/Graveyard Ops

A mode where a team of 4 (the team is dependent on the mode you pick) where you fight waves of AI zombies/plants, gets harder as you progress. Your goal is to protect the objective and survive all the waves if you die you can use 1 of the 3 instant revives or be revived in an amount of time, after that you will be spectating until the wave ends.

Weekly Modes

This changes every week usually being the other modes (except battle arena) but with added features on to it. These will also come out with weekly challenges that you can do on this mode only to get rainbow stars, a currency in the game to buy cosmetics and more.

Included with all the modes, there are a total of 4 story modes for you to play all with unique maps and stories to play on.

Will Rating- 9/10

From playing this game (a lot) I say it’s a fantastic third person shooter.

 As it can be a ton of fun and brings in a lot of updates on a regular basis to keep the game fresh and exciting.

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