Phone Macro Lens

Apexel 10x Macro Lens

What’s in the Box

Macro Lens Kit
Macro Lens Packaging

The Apexel x10 lens is well packaged and protected for shipment through the post.

On opening you have the lens which comes protected with removable plastic films, its body is machined from metal and has a black finish.

The mounting clip thats again all metal but with protective rubber areas where its going to be sliding and clamping onto your phone.

Storage case made from soft rubber and a lens cleaning cloth.


Everything is very well made and finished, having a good weight in the hand. This isn’t a nasty flimsy plastic lens.

Installing to the phone is very simple, the photos you see here are of my wifes phone that’s fitted with rather a thick rubber cover, the clip just managed to slide over so I would expect it to fit most phones even with their covers on.

After installing the clip you just screw the lens into place. This I did find tricky sometimes and I can see it would be very easy to accidentally cross the threads and damage it. So don’t be forceful and make sure the lens is flat before screwing it down.

Once installed I found it easier to align the lens by looking into it as you can see the phones lense through it to align them perfectly.

In use

You just use the camera on your phone as you would normally. The distance in which everything is in focus is very narrow (2 – 4 cm) and you have to have a very steady hand and subject to get a blur free picture.

I’m no photographer and a good portion of my photos are blurry and I struggled quite a lot to capture a stable image. This isn’t due to the equipment more to do with the operator and any light breeze there might be.

To get the fast moving ants I mounted the phone on a small tripod and used my watch to trigger taking the photos so their would be absolutely no movement of the phone. These are probably the limit of this lens and my phones capability as I had also zoomed in to the max.


This is a really nice well thought out and engineered lens thats more than the cheap and chearfull plastic ones.


  • Very reasonable price for a solidly engineered clip.
  • Easy to use.
  • More than adequate results.
  • Will fit most phones even with a reasonably bulky cover installed.
  • Nice lens carry case with ID printed on the side.
  • More lens types available to fit holder.


  • Needs a solution to store and carry the clip with the lenses.
  • Threads on the lens are probably a little too fine and could get damaged easily.

For the everyday user the results are more than adequate and I’m really glad I bought it, I’m probably going to buy one of the wide angle lenses next.

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