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Overwatch wrecking ball

Overwatch by Blizzard Games is a first-person shooter known for its massive roster of characters and its competitive society with brilliant graphics and design.

31 characters sounds like a lot and it is, so they split them up into 3 classes Attack, Defense and Support, but maintaining a uniqueness in each character by giving abilities from their class and the character themselves so you can pick your favorite.


Like Plants Vs Zombies Battle for Neighborville there’s a wide range of modes to choose from

Quick Match

When you have selected this mode, you will be a able to pick what class/es of character you would like to be in the game. Once selected the game will find you a game to join with extra space for you matching your preferences.

While waiting for your game to start, you can play a deathmatch and get warmed up, practice your skill in the practice range, go head to head in skirmish or browse for other games. If this sounds too boring you can just chill in the waiting room and open some loot boxes to get some cosmetics.

When in the game you’ll be put with 5 other members of your team (2 being Attack class 2 being Defense and 2 being Support) then put against an opposing team with one of 7 different objectives or goals.

 These goals can be like attacker’s vs defenders from PVZ.

Competitive play

This is like quick play but with more advanced players.

However, to unlock this mode you must have an experience level of 25 or above.

This also comes with a ranking system and its own currency called competitive points to get special cosmetics only bought with competitive points


This is a mode where you can pick between 7 different game types. Five changing daily with fun and wacky ways to play the game from Low gravity, elimination or mystery heroes there’s lots to play on.

Game Browser

Join games that are hosted by the community and even host your own games that you and your friends or just random people can play in, with your own rules and map that you’ve picked.

Will Rating – 7.5/10

In total I rate Overwatch a solid 7.5 because it can get hard to get used to the controls at the start because everyone else is too good, but once you’ve learnt it will be amazing to play and enjoy

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