Nerf Target Box

Nerf Target Box

Finding different ways to keep Nerf entertaining can be a struggle, especially if you”re now well and truly fed up with rolling around on the floor getting shot at.

A Nerf Box Target is very simple and quick to make, the target re-invigorated their interest in Nerf and provided a challenge that kept them entertained. They even started modifying the target, adding more things onto it to aim at.

What do you need

  • Large Cardboard box
  • Large sheet of white paper (optional)
  • Paper Glue
  • Marker Pens
  • Stanley Knife
  • A couple of different sized round objects.

Glue (prit stick) the white paper to the front of the box, this is optional but it gives a nicer finish to the completed target.

Mark out a number of round holes, making sure there is a good selection of sizes. We made 3 sizes marked out only one of the smaller sized hole as the jackpot.

Carefully cut out each of the marked holes and make scores against each, the smaller the hole the higher the score.

Completed Nerf target box

Our original target above was a bit rough and ready so I designed a number of printable target holes that are now glued to the front of the box, this gives the whole thing a more professional look.

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