Minecraft Torches

Minecraft torch

These Minecraft torches were a lovely project to work on and they create a brilliant effect in the kids bedrooms at night.

I would like to thank Orubap who posted the torch design on Thingiverse https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2002669

Printing was really straight forward and the torch head came out really nice in clear PLA once I reduced infill and outer wall settings.

I painted the torches by hand using acrylic paints, following the many images you can find after googling “Minecraft Torch”, completing them with a clear mat sealer.


The next stage of the project was getting the torch to light up..

I initially used a little Adafruit trinket with some loose Neopixels (or compatible) LEDs.
writing a little routine that altered the brightness and hue of the LEDs randomly on a random timer. This took a little fiddling to eventually get the effect I was after. As you can see its really effective, at night in the boys rooms these torches provide a really convincing effect.

Taking it to the next level

Minecraft torch head

I had been playing with a small controller called an ESP8266 for some time, these cheap little processors contain there own WiFi interface and with some online projects I was getting my own little WEB controlled projects working, these torches were a perfect fit.

The torches can now be controlled from the kids iPads by logging into there custom Web interface. They can adjust the torches, colour, flicker rate and intensity all from the iPad.

By adding in a few simple http controls our home automation system now turns these torches on and off automatically at night.

The torch heads also been improved by fitting a square PCB of nine Neopixels. This give a far more even effect to the lighting. Unfortunately this part isnt now available on amazon https://www.amazon.co.uk/NulSom-Rainbow-Biscuit-Arduino-Converter/dp/B00UJAWVU8

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