Massive Smoky Bubbles

Massive Smoky Bubble

Building your own large bubble wand is relatively straightforward.

You just need:

  • 2 long sticks or dowels
  • 2 screw in eyelets
  • Thick cord.
  • Zip Ties
  • One or Two large washers

The more absorbent the cord the better and you need it reasonably thick to hold the bubble mixture, however ours in the video below is probably a little too thick.

Attach the eyelets to the end of the dowels, by just screwing them into the end of the dowels.

Cut a length of cord and tie each end to the eyelets. I found that knots in the cord repeatedly came undone due to the soap in the bubble mixture but this doesn’t effect zip ties.

The next length of cord needs to be longer so that when its tied to the eyelets it hangs down and creates the area for blowing the large bubbles. Before attaching this cord slip on your washers as these will help weigh the cord down to form the opening. If you don’t have any washers just knot the cord in the middle of the loop.

Creating the Bubbles

You really need a very calm day to blow these large bubble, otherwise they will pop before you get chance to lift the wands out of the mixture.

Soak your cord in the bubble mixture and with the wands close together gently lift out of the mixture, allowing the excess to dribble down. Lift the wands high and smoothly open them up to create a large opening in the cord loop.

If there is absolutely no breeze gently walk backward to inflate the bubble but this normally happens on its own. As the bubble expands you must complete the bubble by bringing the wands back together slowly and nipping the bubble shut.

This takes a little patience but eventually you will find the knack, I found that keeping everything really clean is critical to allowing the bubbles to form.

Massive Smoky Bubbles

To create the massive smokey bubble you just need some one standing behind you with a smoke machine pumping the smoke in as the bubbles blown.

The heat and draft from the smoke machine helps the bubble form and they rise a lot further in the air.

We had some of these floating way over the street and on over a number of houses before they popped.

As they gently float around the look like aliens from another planet as they gently morph their shape.

Have a look at our bubble mixture post to see how we made the fluid to create these monsters.

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