Glasses Lens Cleaner

Dirty reading glasses

Note: Please use at your own risk, I don’t know how this recipe will react with different types of lenses and frames.

I hate having to wear glasses and dirty lenses just makes life worse.
Up until last year I had just used a cloth and misted up the lenses with my breath which didn’t really do the job properly.

So about a year ago wife bought me some lens cleaner from Amazon and this has really worked well.

Having now run out I wanted to know if I could make my own and came across this very simple recipe:

  • 100ml IPA (Isopropyl alcohol)
  • 100ml water
  • The smallest drop of detergent possible.

And thats it, mix it all up in a spray bottle (I used the empty one I now had) then as normal, just spray an amount on your lenses and immediately rub off.

The cleaner my wife purchased was the “Ecomist” and this works very well.

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