Forza Horizon 4

Forza Horizon 4

Personally, I love the Forza Horizon 4 racing game, its graphics are incredible, and it really feels like you’re in the game travelling at speed!

When you start your game, you will enter a story (with limited online features) explaining the game all its horizon races, seasonal events and how to get a part in the horizon roster, finally taking part in the final race called The Goliath.

To get to this goal, you need to gain global influence. This is gained by entering races and other tasks like stunt driver or racing past speed cameras or speed zones. You use this to get through each season and the finales to claim a spot in the horizon roster. This then fully unlocks all online permissions.


After that you will qualify for Forzathon, an online feature unlocked by getting into the roster, where you do a certain set of in-game seasonal challenges to progress and unlock rewards that change every week, sequencing through Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring for the 4 weeks. After this it will reset and change the challenges and rewards within it.

There’re other things to do like earning new cars from wheelspins that can be earned as a reward for doing one task out of a vast number of tasks like doing challenges, or customize your character to make it look cooler or buy a house to go with it.

You can race against people across the world in games like capture the flag where you play a part in one of two teams and each team must take the opposing teams flag, returning it to base without being hit. Or maybe The Eliminator where 72 cars fight it out to be the last one standing battle royale style. Or you can just invite your friends over to play around the island that’s made to look like the north of Britain and some parts of Scotland.

You can even auction or bid on cars and take part in a Forzathon event where you team up with others to complete a set of 3 goals in a certain amount of time and to earn forzathon points a currency you use to buy even more cosmetics at the Forzathon shop.

Forza Horizon 4 DLC’s (Downloadable Content)

Forza’s DLC’s really do change the game the following are the ones I have experience of:

LEGO expansion pack

This pack is one of my favorites, with its own story and exclusive LEGO cars that you can earn and drive around anywhere to your hearts content, with its own radio that ONLY plays “Everything is awesome” and can ONLY be played on its own LEGO island where almost everything LEGO.

Fortune Island pack

This pack contains its own story, island, exclusive cars and a lot of treasure. This island is for the more advanced and explorative of players due to its intense weather. Its treasure chest feature can earn you loads of money that can be used to buy even more cars, houses and more.

Car Pass membership

This is a single pay membership, if you buy it you will get a load of exclusive cars. Each and every update you will get more and more exclusive cars as time goes on.

V.I.P membership

Still being single pay membership, you earn a crown icon that goes next to your name, so everyone can see you’re a V.I.P.

Included with this are:

  • 3 special and exclusive cars
  • A house
  • 2 x more credits (money)
  • Weekly SUPER wheel-spins
  • V.I.P clothes
  • Horn sound

This is a perfect membership if you want to have the best time on the island.


The Bundle includes the LEGO pack and the Fortune Island pack together for a cheaper price then buying them separately.

Car Packs

There 4 car packs at the moment one holding 10 cars and the rest holding 7 cars and each of their prices may vary. These are add-ons only bought within the game.

Ultimate Add-Ons Bundle

This includes each of the individual DLC’s described above, this can also be bought with the game or downgrade to deluxe with the game that has the car pass membership and a car pack (Deluxe cannot be bought without the game)

Will Rating – 9/10

 I’ve rated Forza Horizon 4 9/10, it lost a point because of its loading speed if you want to fully play on it its worth the 2-5 minute wait but for a quick go its so not worth the wait it also comes with a few bugs that can destroy the games look and appearence but you can play on it for days without boredom.

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