Foams Soaps, Creams & After Shave

Shaving soap and bowl

The image to the right is what I am using at the moment. The wooden bowl has lasted many years and when a bar runs out I give it a soak and a scrub before putting in the new soap.

Initially I used the shaving foams, but when i tried the soaps found the amount and density of the lather produced by the soaps to be far superior.

The only downside I have found with the soaps and especially the creams is the lather is dependent on the hardness of the water being used. Which you usually discover when going on holiday.

You can find many different makes and fragrances of soap to refill you bowl with but don’t go out and buy a whole load they last a long time.

I have also tried the bowels of shaving cream. These still work well but I still find myself returning to the soap bars over everything else.


Shaving brush

If using a soap, a brush is required to generate the lather. Mine is a simple Boots best which I have used from day one is now looking rather worn and ugly but still works fine.

I have got another but find the bristles too harsh so when buying always try to feel how hard/soft they are. Its going to be personal preference as to which is best for you.

When packing for holiday I just dry out the brush and soap bowl from that days use and pack the lot into a toiletries bag.

After Shave / Cream

I’m not a fan of the alcohol after shave and the very powerful fragrances. I’m also very fortunate that shaving doesn’t now cause a rash or sore skin, I suppose my skin has got used to it over the years.

I prefer a cream to just moisturize the skin. The one I prefer over the rest is L’Occitan shaving cream. I use a very small pea sized blob and rub it in firmly. With the amount I use every day the tubes last me for quite a long time and I feel justifies the expense. I also use the shower gel which again I use the smallest amount to achieve the lather I require and the overall cost of use I feel is low compared to others that I would have to replace more often.

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