Cutting Your Face!

Lets face it, when you wet shave at some point you will end up nicking your face.
When I do there are a number of options:-

Styptic pencil to heal shaving cuts

Styptic stick

These are an inexpensive solution and generally aid in stopping the flow. Dry the cut and then dab the stick on it as the blood starts coming out again.

A styptic stick is an antihemorrhagic agent, it helps constrict blood vessels so they’ll stop bleeding. Precisely how I must admit I do not know but it really does work for me.

Alum block

Very similar in its action to the styptic sticks but I find mine not as effective as the stick.

Tissue paper

The old cliche, a piece of tissue / toilet paper stuck over the cut. Not my favorite, but if the cuts too large for the other options to work it can help. By applying the paper it allows the blood to start coagulating near the cut and stem the bleeding. The issue I find is that no matter how carefully you remove the paper it starts the bleeding again.

As you gain experience, you find what works for your face and your skin gets used to wet shaving the need for these remedies should diminish.

I still do get the odd cut but invariably its because I have done something silly or I have let the razor get too blunt.

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