Category: Rockets

Kids really enjoy messing around with rockets.

A wide variety of rocket projects and our experiences with them.

With different propulsion methods from, air, water and solid boosters!

Slingshot rocket copter

Slingshot Rocket Helicopters

We bought a couple of these slingshot rockets while on holiday in Tenerife, very simple and cheap toys but the kids really love them. Going out for a walk at night along the beach...

Balloon Rocket

Balloon Rockets

Quick and simple project to entertain the children on a rainy day – Balloon rockets.

Stomp rocket

Stomp Rockets

The best stomp rockets we have found.

Water rocket launch

Water Rockets

Water rockets are another quality project to do with the kids outdoors. Over the years We have improved our launch system, from the original being just a wine cork with a football inflation needle...

Estes Rocket on Launch pad

Estes Rockets

Estes solid fuel rockets are suitable for everyone, no previous experience required. Sold as complete starter kits, just rockets or build your own kits all with differing levels of difficulty. We started with a...