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Water - RO Water

RO – Reverse osmosis water

Reverse osmosis (RO) is a water purification process that uses a partially permeable membrane to remove ions, unwanted molecules, minerals and larger particles from water By removing these minerals and particulates the water when used in smoke...

Vortex smoke ring

Smoke Rings

How to make smoke rings from a home made air cannon

Foam Snow

Homemade Snow / Foam Fluid

If you have a snow / foam machine you will very quickly find out how expensive running these machines are especially if your using shop bought fluids. The boys absolutely love my smoke machine,...

Fun with foam / snow machine

Snow / Foam Machines

These handheld snow / foam machines blow out a continuous stream of foam flakes which if there is a little breeze can float allover the the place and fall down as a fine covering...

Massive Smoky Bubble

Massive Smoky Bubbles

Massive Smokey Bubbles – Look like aliens from another planet as they gently float across the neighbors gardens slowly morphing their shape.

Smoke from smoke machine

Homemade Smoke Machine Fluid

Smoke machine fluid is very expensive for what it is so I make my own. WARNING – Follow these instructions at your own risk as all manufacturers of smoke machines will instruct you to...


Bubble Mixtures

I have attempted many different mixes for running in our bubble machines over the years and always revert back to shop bought. I have wasted a lot of money trying to ‘perfect’ the mixture,...

Smokey bubble on gravel

Smoky Bubbles

Smoky bubbles – A must do project if you have a smoke/fog machine and a bubble blower.



Kids love bubbles and the more the better, the only problem is how to get that cloud of perfect bubbles. Kids Bubble machine with batteries You will fine hundreds of plastic battery powered blowers...