Category: 3D Printing

Posts of our 3D printing projects and what we have used to create them.

With links to the sites where the 3D step files can be found and links to the products and equipment to complete them.


Mandalorian Rifle

Creating our own life size Mandalorian Rifle. 3D printed rifle with different painting and air-brushing effects to get a perfect finish.

Gromit Headphone Hook

Gromit Headphone Hook

Wall Headphone Hook inspired by Wallace & Gromit. A very simple print and quick paint job resulting in a rather effective character hook.

Overwatch Light

Overwatch Light

3D Printed Overwatch Light – An ESP8266 controlled overwatch light with an elegent control pages with cusomisable backgrounds, logos and headings.

3D printed Fortnite Rainbowsmash axe

Fortnite – Rainbow Smash Axe

Modifying, printing & finishing a full sized Fortnite – Rainbow Smash Axe – Making the design easier to print and making a wheel set that turns.

Tripod with phone and macro lens

3D Printed – Tripod Stand

Making a 3D printed tripod stand for phones or cameras. Simple but effective design that folds flat for storage. Perfect for macro lens photography.

Illuminated Iron Man Helmet

Iron Man Helmet

This Iron man Helmet project has been ongoing for some time as I gradually add elements to it. This design was uploaded to Thingiverse by MIPRESIDENTE and can be found at The Printing...

Minecraft torch

Minecraft Torches

These Minecraft torches were a lovely project to work on and they create a brilliant effect in the kids bedrooms at night. I would like to thank Orubap who posted the torch design on...

Water rocket launch

Water Rockets

Water rockets are another quality project to do with the kids outdoors. Over the years We have improved our launch system, from the original being just a wine cork with a football inflation needle...