Kids love bubbles and the more the better, the only problem is how to get that cloud of perfect bubbles.

Kids Bubble machine with batteries

You will fine hundreds of plastic battery powered blowers and we had a fair few in the early days.

A lot do provide a reasonable bubble output but invariably they eat batteries, leak, foam up and after a few uses fail due to rusting up.

Disco Machine

Large disco bubble machine

Now this is what we ended up with – a proper mains powered bubble blower.

And amazingly they are not that expensive, some are cheaper than the kids plastic units especially when you add in the cost of the batteries.

I set the bubble machine up on a small set of ladders with an extension lead to supply power. This raises the unit off the ground enough to give the bubbles a chance. I have considered buying a T bar but haven’t as yet as this makes it harder to set up more fun – check out the next level – Smokey bubbles.


We have had our unit for a fair few years now and it has had a heavy amount of use even during the colder months.

All I do is empty the bubble mixture out and carefully rinse out the trough and clean the blower rings.

Bubble machine setup

I have had the unit break twice but considering how long we have had it and the amount of use it gets I don’t knock it.

The rear fan died (probably due to our smokey bubble setup) but its a very easy unit to get into and I just bought a replacement fan and replaced it myself.

The other breakdown was because of heavy use, the seal on the rotary disk motor wore away and mixture got onto the motor shaft and it rusted solid. A slightly more difficult replacement of the motor ensued but again was easily achieved.

Top tip – If the bubble rate slows down or stops you may find the mixture has foamed up in the mixture trough at the front of the machine. Just scoop out the foam from the top and restart the machine.

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