Beeswax Wraps

In our tiny war against using plastic another option came to light – Beeswax Sandwich Wraps

Beeswax Sandwich Wrap

These beeswax impregnated wraps are for keeping sandwiches fresh. I and the kids all have sandwiches on normal school day and again the ubiquitous single use thin plastic bag used to be the solution to keeping the sandwiches in one piece and fresh. We were using 3 bags a day most weeks of the year, that’s over 700 of these bags wasted a year just in our house alone.

Wrapping your sandwich is slightly more awkward but the wraps eventually start to get permanent creases where you fold them and this makes the whole operation a lot easier.

We found they didn’t always hold shut so we use an elastic band to keep them together (reused every time of course).

I find my sandwiches are nice and fresh by mid day and the wrap when opened makes a lovely place to eat your food off instead of the half ripped bag, if the filling is wet, like tuna mayo, I put in a little strip of grease proof paper to protect the wrap.

Beeswax Sandwich Wrap

To clean you just wash the wraps in cool water with little to no soap. Once done washing air-dry the wraps.

The makers claim the beeswax antibacterial properties allows it to be used again and again while also keeping your food fresh longer than plastic wraps. The wraps last us for a few months before they begin to look thin. The wraps can be used to wrap just about anything, not just sandwiches, except fresh meat.


Overall these wraps work just as well as a plastic bag and make for a much more enjoyable dining experience, we buy medium sized wraps which wrap a sandwich easily if you place your sandwich diagonally in the middle of the wrap and wrap it bringing the four corners in.

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