Bamboo Toothbrush

We use loads of plastic as I suspect practically every household in the UK does.

Taking the adage “every little helps” we decided to try some bamboo toothbrushes.

Bamboo Toothbrushes


The very first ones we bought were from f.e.t.e. fromearthtoearth.


Ours came as a pack of four, packaged in an understated brown card box and each brush then in their own box and a paper sleeve, not in a sealed plastic pack and thus all totally recyclable / compostable.

The bamboo handles are round and have different colored ends and really do look different to the norm, more elegant if you can call a toothbrush elegant.

The bristles come in three grades soft / medium / firm and are still made from nylon which can be recycled, if you want to compost the handles they advise you pull them out.

However, I do doubt the claim on the recyclability of the bristles due to their size.


I like a firm brush and I must admit I do apply far too much pressure when brushing, however I would class these bristles as a medium and thus the wear I achieved was probably not as good as my regular brushes.

I really do like the smooth feel of the brushes in the hand, compared to a plastic bush with all their extra rubber grips etc. THe head was adequately sized and the wood didn’t rub against your mouth as I was expecting it to do.

(The picture above is of our last one that didn’t have coloring).

The cost of these toothbrushes really does set them at the premium end of the market, if you can afford them give them a go.


Because I liked the feel and idea of them but not the price, I started looking for other brushes, easily finding a wealth of them on Amazon that are far cheaper however finding firm bristles is still a struggle.

The next toothbrushes I’m trying are these from Wild & Stone. I will update this post with my findings.

Other makes / types I found that may be of interest are:

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