Animal Crossing New Horizons

Animal Crossing New Horizons

This is one game that I have really enjoyed, Animal Crossing New Horizons known for its peaceful play style and relaxing scenery and its cute looking characters.

I have been playing Animal Crossing since New leaf (A older Version for the 3DS) and I’ve made my way through all of the Animal Crossing games since then and personally I’m impressed by this game as it’s more open than the other games and way more hands on than it has ever been (Not Including its spin-off titles).

This is a game where you land in a deserted island and your job is to upgrade your island to a nice small town of your own, included with that comes a lot more features than it originally had what I will explain later on in the review.

Due to lockdown or quarantine, dependent on where you are in the world you may find out that Animal Crossing New Horizons has gained a lot of popularity as one of the best games at this time due to its engaging creativeness and chilled out background.


At the start you will be greeted by Timmy and Tommy assistants of Tom Nook who is the Manager of Nook Inc, this is where you choose your look, name and your island (a choice from four islands).

After that there is not a lot of customizing for now as you’ve only just landed at your new island, but you set up your tent with 2 other friendly creatures that you will grow a strong relationship with and then you will start your journey to make one of the best islands you will ever make.

Tasks to Complete

  • Build a museum
  • Help Timmy and Tommy open up a shop
  • Go and explore random and mysterious islands
  • Meet more villagers and invite them to come to your island
  • Play with friends on their, or your island
  • Get the famous musician, K.K to come to your island
  • Upgrade your shop
  • Catch/Sell/Give/Donate, bugs, fish, and fossils
  • Help out villagers with their needs
  • Build a campsite for far away villagers to come over and meet and invite to your island
  • Build a Clothes Store
  • Help out Label the hedgehog with her fashion industry
  • Experience a meteor shower
  • Earn a building permit
  • Get a town hall
  • Upgrade your house
  • Catch rare Fish and bugs
Animal Crossing Building Permit

And ton more that even I have not finished!

Will Rating – 10/10

With rapid updates and events for the seasons and holidays, I give this a 10/10 because I love everything about it and nothing, I mean nothing is wrong with it.

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