Air Pistols

Gamo air pistol

The gun club introduced my children to air pistols. For some reason these seemed to captivate them more than the rifles, especially the multi shot semi automatic versions.

They are no where near as accurate as any of the rifles but there size allowed them to interact more with them. The rifles being too heavy for them to properly lift.

This however presented another issue in that they could turn around with them. They had to fully understand that the gun can only point down the range and never anywhere else even if they thought it wasn’t loaded.

Gamo air pistol

Gamo air pistol

We did in the end buy a very cheap semi automatic Gamo PT-85 .177

This guns powered by an air capsule like the ones used in a soda stream & has a double ended magazine holding 8 pellets at each end.


Laser site

Clearly we couldn’t have a pistol without a laser sight. So I bought a very cheap laser sight off Amazon. Its not that good for accuracy as it keeps drifting but for the price it’s great especially as James and his friends really like this so I may end up upgrading it shortly.


With the inaccuracies of the pistol we print out a full A4 sized target and only set it a few meters down the range.

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