About Me – Bad Dad

I’m just a regular guy, husband and father living in the East Midlands. I hate being bored so I am always on the look out for something new to research, learn, try or do.

As a father of two boys I try to find entertaining things for them to do while keeping myself entertained and out of the way of my long suffering wife.

I’m an electronics engineering manager during the day. Because I now manage a team I don’t get to do what I really enjoy and that’s designing / creating. So when I’m at home I always have a project or two on the go.

My wife said to me a while ago that I do all this research and try all these new things, but I don’t share what I have learned, so I intend to use this blog to detail a wide variety of topics / interests I have explored, from 3D printing to bubble machines, Holidays, trips out and more.

The posts are my opinions, experiences and findings, and are intended as a set of ideas for others to explore as I/we have.

And Yep – A Bad Dad!

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